Microsoft is transforming Task Manager

Naturally, Microsoft decided to pay attention Task Manager in Windows 11. The 22H2 update of Windows 11 was an opportunity to add support for dark mode, although with a screen that did not give full satisfaction.

Soon it will be added the ability to choose between a light theme and a dark theme directly in the Task Manager, independent of the active theme of the operating system.

With the exception of Run New Task and Properties, all dialog boxes will support themes and match the specific program or Windows theme.

Something new for Task Manager

In addition to the issue of themes, a new functionality of a practical nature will be integrated into the Task Manager. It will allow users to search and filtering processes. The filters for the search could be the binary name, the process identifier PID, or the name of the publisher.

The filtering algorithm matches the contextual keyword with all possible matches and displays them on the page being used “, says Microsoft. The filtering will also be applied from page to page.

A new search box will be arranged at the top of the Task Manager window. ” This is a useful feature if you want to isolate a process or group of processes and take action, or simply monitor the performance of filtered processes.


Windows Insiders first worried

The keyboard shortcut Alt+F will take you directly to the Task Manager search box. Microsoft also adds that enabling or disabling Efficiency Mode can be done without opening a confirmation dialog box.

This Efficiency mode aims to reduce process priority and improve energy efficiency. The confirmation dialog warns that it may cause instability for some processes.

Currently, changes are offered with Task Manager to Windows Insiders and in the Beta channel. We will still have to wait for public availability.


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