Microsoft is working on a handy tool, but full of ads for its products

With “PC Manager”, Microsoft develops its computer optimization software for Windows 11, such as the well-known CCleaner. A public beta has been launched and we know the features of this application.

Many PC optimization software for Windows exists mainly to free up space on your computer, such as CCleaner, which is no longer really accepted by Microsoft. Some do not really help to have a more efficient machine and others can be paid for. Microsoft is working to fix this problem with PC Manager, its native software under Windows 11.

PC Manager: a new built-in Windows program

This is Windows Latest which reports the arrival of a public beta (in Chinese) of PC Manager, software that Microsoft develops for Windows 11 but is also available for Windows 10. In addition to a new application, PC Manager allows you to clean temporary files and manage startup applications.

PC Manager // Source: Latest Windows

On the posted screenshots, we can see that PC Manager shows recommendations. We see that he advises switching to Edge as the default browser on Windows and to Bing as the default search engine. Since the arrival of Windows 10, Microsoft has pushed these two products heavily. This was repeated with the next version, as the Redmond company had complicated the change of the default browser. Fortunately, it went back and it is now easier to switch to Google Chrome in Windows 11.

The English-language media found in its tests that the software works quite well, as you can ” instantly frees up to 30-50% of used memory“.

PC Manager is mostly a shortcut hub

On the public beta site, you can see the list of features tested by Microsoft. PC Manager will eventually clean files and manage its storage, remove software quickly.

PC Manager is also a shortcut to task management, which we have known for a long time. You can control and display the ongoing processes, but also perform performance measurements. You can also access Windows Defender, Storage Sense, or the Realtek application from PC Manager.

PC Manager // Source: Latest Windows

It is not yet known when PC Manager will be released in the final version, but forWindows Latestthe software will not be part of Windows 11 22H2, as it can only be downloaded manually so far.

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