Microsoft launches an equivalent to CCleaner

Microsoft currently working on several software aimed at optimizing performance under Windowswe have thus seen happen DirectStorage 1.1 which targets game load time, soon the registry and overall performance will be targeted PC Manager.

There are already tons of software that claim to optimize PC performance by tweaking a few settings or by clearing the cache, cleaning the registry databases… market reference: Ccleaner.

Microsoft is looking at the popularity of CCleaner

The software is so popular that it is installed on almost all newly built or formatted PCs. A popularity where sleazy Microsoft which therefore wishes to proposer its own alternative that would be integrated into Windows 10 and 11.

PC Manager is thus launched in beta version, and offers clean and optimize performance of the host PC. the application also offers a storage management function to automatically delete applications that are little or not used or to search for the largest files stored on the PC.

A better task manager

There is a process manager that allows you to close tasks that consume too much RAM or CPU resources, as well as a function Boost which deletes temporary files and frees memory.

Microsoft also takes the opportunity to distill recommendations via a special section to share advice on keeping a PC in good condition. The application also takes over other functions of the traditional task manager by allowing enable or disable programs that start at startup.

PC Manager is currently distributed only on the Chinese version of Microsoft’s website and thus could initially be primarily aimed at this market.

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