Microsoft launches cashback program

A few weeks ago, sony announced the launch of its program PlayStation stars which aims to reward the most loyal players by making them earn points over purchases or challenges in their games, so that they can then buy goods in the dedicated store: games, content, goodies or even consoles.

Microsoft did not immediately respond to Sony’s announcement, but the brand is now back with a new program called Microsoft Cashback. The new system is integrated with the service Microsoft Rewards.

Cashback in addition to Microsoft Rewards

Specifically, it is a matter of proposing rewards for a set of gestures and behaviors: content purchases, reading articles, opening links, surveys… Points are thus accumulated and can be converted into a gift card to be used in the various Microsoft stores.

The system Microsoft Cashback comes as a backup: by purchasing eligible software, games, products or services, users will be able to recover part of the money spent. This time, the rewards are not converted into credit or credit, but into money, which can then be transferred to your Paypal or bank account.

The service should launch within a few weeks USAwe do not yet know whether France will be able to exploit it.

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