Microsoft Launches Interactive Tool to Understand Azure (Xbox Cloud Gaming Technology) | Xbox One

Cloud technology, or more commonly known as the cloud, is a significant part of what makes up the operation of online Microsoft services, including Xbox Cloud Gaming. To see more clearly, Microsoft unveils an interactive and fun tool, allowing you to understand how it all works.

An interactive and useful map

Microsoft Azure is a platform launched in 2010 and allowing to gain in productivity by using cloud technology, or “cloud”. Now present in several sectors of activity and used on a daily basis, this technology also makes it possible to operate Microsoft’s online gaming service, Xbox Cloud Gaming.

If the whole thing still seems abstract to you and you want to know more about how such technology works, Microsoft has thought of you: by launching a dedicated interactive tool, you can explore behind the scenes of the cloud and realize the extent of the network that this represents.

It can thus be observed that Europe is one of the regions of the world best equipped for this technology and that France is not to be outdone with its cable network. You can also take a guided and interactive tour of a data center where the servers are stored to run Xbox Game Pass games from any device. What to realize the influence of this technology on a daily basis.

Microsoft Azure becomes the cloud partner of the Unity engine

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