Microsoft launches version 1.2 of its Windows App SDK

This development kit complements lower-level ones like .NET or the Windows SDK and provides a set of APIs and controls to give applications a consistent look and feel. It can be used with Windows 10 (minimum version 1809) and Windows 11.

The main novelty of this version 1.2 is to allow the creation of Windows 11 widgets for third-party applications. The arrival of this function should allow a significant increase in the number of widgets on the system, currently limited to those provided by Microsoft (and which we will quickly go around).

It also includes the latest features found in certain components, such as the media controls in WinUI 3. There are also Azure Communications Services features for audio/video capabilities, support for HDR, Auto Color Management and Dynamic Refresh Rate, or an AppNotificationBuilder component. This version is also compatible with the Arm64 architecture.


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