Microsoft ‘No Bootable Device’ fixes huge Surface Go 2 bug

After the deployment earlier this month of an update for the Surface Go 3, it is now the turn of its predecessor. Surface Go 2 users can, in fact, download a new firmware that fixes a very annoying bug: “No bootable Device”

If you own the small Microsoft tablet in its second generation, you can now go to Windows Update to download new firmware. Like the one deployed on the Surface Go 3, that of the Surface Go 2 includes a fairly thin list of modifications:

Windows update name

Device Manager

Surface – Firmware –

Surface UEFI – Firmware

A patch to install urgently

Don’t be fooled by the appearances of its meager changelog, this update is nevertheless very important. Indeed, it avoids encountering a very annoying bug: the “No Bootable Device” boot error. It is to overcome this that the new firmware has been deployed, so I invite you to download it immediately by going to your tablet’s Settings.

If the damage is already done and you are stuck on this famous error message at startup, I invite you to go to this article (in English), posted on the Microsoft site which details step by step how to restart his device after encountering this famous error.

Surface Go 2

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