Microsoft offers warranties to Sony

The buyback by Activision Blizzard by Microsoft is seen with a dim view by Sony, which is stepping up its maneuvers to have the operation banned by the international competition authorities.

sony therefore went to plead its case to the various regulators, stating that the takeover would unbalance the market and that Microsoft would secure its dominant position a little more. The brand also more specifically mentioned its fear of the disappearance of the Call of Duty license on its PlayStation platformindicating that the franchise had become vital to its players and its operation…

Several regulators have already sent Sony back to the ropes by stating that the Japanese brand was currently dominating the market with Nintendo and that the redemption therefore did not entail a risk of imbalance.

Microsoft needs to make an effort

Unfortunately for Microsoft, Europe and Great Britain seem to have listened more to Sony’s complaints and have reserved for redemption after an initial investigation.

Microsoft is therefore obliged to provide more guarantees. And if the brand had already announced that it would provide at least the next Call of Duty to Sony in the next 5 years, now Phil Spencer go further.

The brand Xbox has always stated that the acquisition would be used to implement the various studios’ games on more and more platforms: competitors, but also consoles, PC and mobile.

Phil Spencer so set clean things up : Call of Duty will be released on PlayStation no matter what. The problem, according to Phil Spencer, is to establish a contract that takes into account this permanent duration of porting the license on Sony systems. Nevertheless, Microsoft is ready to contractualize that fact Call of Duty will continue to release on PlayStation without any time limit.

In addition, it was shared that the acquisition of Activision Blizzard would serve the transition to Xbox universe for mobile gaming. It should be remembered that the buyback also concerns King, a giant of mobile gaming, a sector that is still underinvested by Microsoft at this point, yet presents itself as the market of the future.


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