Microsoft Office is getting a makeover on the iPhone

Microsoft Office apps have been available on iPhone, iPad, and Android for years, and every now and then they get a major update. Today, another change is rolling out to iPhone apps.

Microsoft is rolling out an update to the contextual command line and ribbon layout in the iPhone versions of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. The command line can be accessed at the bottom of the screen or at the top of the keyboard as you type. It is now closer to Microsoft’s “Liquid” design with more rounded corners and a slightly changed layout.

As before, the menu has most of the options found in the ribbon bar in desktop applications: text formatting, search, buttons for inserting objects, browsing tools, and everything else. The selector is now a rounded button and some horizontal dividers have been removed. You can also swipe the menu up to expand it, which is a significant improvement in usability, especially on iPhones with smaller screens.

Microsoft says the new command line is available to Office Insiders using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or the Office app version 2.67 (Build 22110700) or later. Once all the bugs are fixed, it should be available to everyone.

The change comes as Microsoft prepares to rebrand the mobile Office app “Microsoft 365”, with a new logo, to reflect the evolution of the subscription service of the same name. With a new name, new logo, and now design changes, there’s plenty to be excited about with Office apps for iPhone.

Source: Office Insider Blog

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