Microsoft Office: legal and cheap, the software package is on sale!

Good deal Microsoft Office: legal and cheap, the software package is on sale!

We’ve all been there, we shouldn’t hide it. We all wanted to get the software from the Office suite without going through the payment box, but it is not legal. That is why we offer you the office package legally, and with a nice discount.

Amazon is an online sales site that has many products in its catalog. This is even why we tend to turn to him when we are looking for a particular product. Yes, between the prices charged and the ease of delivery, it has almost become a natural reflex for anyone looking to buy clothes, a PC monitor or even a connected watch.

This is also where you can find the Microsoft Office suite at a discount. With a decrease of 46%, the software package is shown with a price of 80€ all round, whereas it is usually shown around 150€.

Buy the Office suite for €80 at Amazon

The Microsoft Office suite: why is everyone asking for it?

Microsoft Office is the name that covers an entire suite of software that is the basis of today’s office automation. Although some people swear by open source solutions, others still prefer the reliability of the office suite.

In this Family and Student edition, we find in particular 4 software known to everyone:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Power points
  • A note

They are a base that allows you to manage your documents, your accounts, your presentations or your projects. And with this license you don’t have to pay extra. You pay only once and only once to access the software and their constant updating.

With them, you will be able to build a resume, easily manage your various projects thanks to OneNote, and above all, these software accept templates. This means that you have a particularly large number of options available to you.

This means that with this license you do not have the hassle of the subscription and above all you still have access to 4 software which will be very useful in your everyday life.

Buy the Office suite for €80 at Amazon

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