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Microsoft promises 10 more years of Call of Duty on PlayStation after the Activision takeover

To appease gamers and regulators, Microsoft has reportedly offered a deal with Sony to continue offering Call of Duty games for at least ten years on PlayStation consoles following the Activision Blizzard King takeover.

PlayStation logo on PS5 // Source: Frandroid – Arnaud GELINEAU

Since the announcement of Microsoft’s takeover of Activision Blizzard King last January, Sony has expressed its fears to regulators in various countries. It must be said that this announcement casts doubt on Microsoft’s ambitions for the games from the world’s leading video game publisher. Specifically, Sony has expressed on many occasions its fear that the takeover will ultimately cause the franchise to disappear. call of duty of its PlayStation consoles.

In the past, Microsoft has tried to appease regulators and the various competition authorities by promising that game call of duty would continue to be released on PlayStation consoles for at least three years after the Activision takeover. A promise that did not convince Sony. To be even more reassuring, the Redmond company would have gone even further, as indicated by New York Times in an article posted on Monday, November 21:

Microsoft states that on November 11th it offered Sony an agreement to retain call of duty on PlayStation for 10 years. Sony declined to comment on this offer.

It must be said that the games call of duty is the sinews of war in the legal dispute between Sony and Microsoft, the first accuses the second of wanting to buy Activision Blizzard King with the sole purpose of regaining the exclusivity of the license and depriving the PlayStation consoles of one of the franchises that sell the most on console. Last June, we learned that Activision had sold more than 425 million copies during its 19-year existence.

A perpetual agreement with no legal value

Microsoft has tried to placate Sony by promising to continue distributing the franchise call of duty on PlayStation for three years after the takeover, the proposal was rejected. asked by The edge on November 15, Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, indicated that Sony wanted an even longer deal: “I understand that we want to make a contract with Sony for a certain number of years, which says “Okay, we continue to distribute call of duty on PlayStation ». I’m perfectly fine with that, no problem. But the idea that we write a contract that says “for all time” makes no sense to any lawyer”.

Source: Microsoft

Specifically, while Sony seems to have rejected a three-year agreement, Microsoft would therefore, according to information New York Times, suggested a deal over the ten years following Blizzard’s takeover of Activision. A way for the Xbox manufacturer to appease the regulators in particular. The takeover has been assessed in 16 different countries to verify that it does not undermine free competition. This is especially the case in the US, UK or EU. So far, only two regulators have approved Microsoft’s takeover plans: Brazil and Saudi Arabia.

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