Microsoft reportedly fired the team tasked with reviving the magic of yesteryear

It’s not yet known what impact this decision will have on Microsoft’s efforts with the general public, but the firm has reportedly cut its “Modern Life Experiences” team. Created in 2018, the latter’s mission was to rekindle the flame between Microsoft and consumers.

Rear of a Surface Pro 8, for illustration // Source: Frandroid

Giving Microsoft back some of its magic in the eyes of the general public was one of the team’s objectives. Modern Life Experiences “, formed by the Redmond giant in 2018. We learn today from Business insider that the firm has decided to part with it. The employees attached to this team (about 200 people in all) would have been ordered to find a new position within the company within 60 days, or to choose the path of dismissal, with the compensation that goes with it. Contacted by Business Insider, Microsoft declined to comment.

As Windows Central points out, the supposed removal of this marketing-oriented team is part of a vast human resources policy undertaken by Microsoft this summer. A few weeks earlier, the firm announced plans to slow down hiring, while laying off less than 1% of its total employees. The team Modern Life Experiences obviously part of the lot.

Towards a slightly more austere Microsoft?

It is unclear, however, whether or not this decision will have a significant impact on Microsoft’s efforts and image in the eyes of the general public. Because this team had to strengthen the group’s appeal to consumers, and this in a very specific context summarized in 2018 by Yusef Mehdi, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft. In particular, the person concerned admitted that Microsoft had “lost some magic with consumers“. According to him, the creation of the branchModern Life Experienceswas supposed to make it possible toset out to win back consumers with our vision“.

Microsoft Xbox Series X test Frandroid (1)
The Xbox Series X, for illustration // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

Of course, Microsoft will continue, with or without this team, to offer many products to the general public, both in terms of hardware (especially through its Surface and Xbox brands) and software (with Windows, Microsoft 365 or Outlook, for cite only them). The substance should therefore not change… but what about the form? It is not excluded that in the future, Microsoft’s communication on these different products will be a little more austere.

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