Microsoft responds to Sony fears over Activision-Blizzard acquisition

You couldn’t miss it! At the start of the year, Microsoft caused a real earthquake by announcing its intention to buy the Activision-Blizzard juggernaut. A few days ago, Sony had shared its fears on the subject following a request from CADE (Brazilian body responsible for ensuring respect for competition). The Japanese company then maintained that call of duty was popular enough to influence the choice of a console. Today, we discover Microsoft’s response to this same organization, and it is firm and well-argued.


Five reasons named by Microsoft

The American firm begins by indicating that of the various companies that had to give their opinion, only Sony expressed fears about this takeover. To answer directly on the subject of call of dutyMicrosoft said that if Sony did not want to see games from this Day One license in Game Pass, it was because the company was “unhappy to have to compete with Microsoft’s subscription service.The statements go even further:

Sony’s public call for subscriptions and the company’s response are clear. Sony does not want attractive subscription services to threaten its dominant position in the digital distribution market for console games.

To support its words, the Redmond firm gave five clear arguments:

  • Microsoft’s strategy is not to remove content from players, reaffirming that Games call of duty will remain available on Playstation, purchased individually.
  • Data has proven that subscription services are just another way to play.
  • Sony’s statements ignore the dynamic aspect of subscription services, and the fact that Sony offers its own service.
  • REDACTED – the fourth reason has not been disclosed to the public.
  • Many subscription models and means of distribution exist. Many of them offer content not on Xbox, citing Playstation Plus.

Microsoft and Xbox also talked about Sony’s strategy. According to them, this is based on exclusivity agreements with third-party publishers, but also on first-party games. Furthermore, Microsoft also said the Japanese firm was trying to hinder the growth of Game Pass. To do so, Sony would pay certain developers not to add their content to the service.

To conclude, and this will surely reassure some players, Xbox has indicated that it will stop offering call of duty on Playstation would not make financial sense. Indeed, a very large number of players would have to buy an Xbox for it to be profitable.

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