Microsoft reveals Sony’s true face in the battle for Activision

Xbox gamers will miss out on major licenses, an unfair situation according to Microsoft, while Sony accuses them of the same title.

The tensions between Microsoft and Sony are not easing. The Redmond company’s takeover of Activision Blizzard is still in full swing and continues to sour relations between the two manufacturers. On the one hand, Sony cries a possible deviation from the license call of duty of its consoles. On the other hand, Microsoft is trying to reassure the Japanese giant and the international authorities by showing good will. After revealing several deals aimed at keeping the FPS license on PlayStation, Sony remains unfazed and stands its ground.

Visibly fed up with this stagnant situation and a possible ban on the acquisition process, Microsoft decides to pull out its claws and reveal a few secrets. It is not difficult to understand Sony’s position in this case, because call of duty is a ton in terms of viewership. However, it is more complicated to defend the manufacturer’s statements when we get the latest news shared by Xbox in a press release to the Competition and Markets Authority (spotted by Korea Xbox News).

Do as I say, not as I do

Sharing is important, but only if it works one way. Today we learn that Sony warns the authorities about unfair competition, but plays in the same court. If you have an Xbox, don’t expect to figure it out Final Fantasy XVI or the remake of Silent Hill 2. Players are used to exclusives, it is not a new concept in the industry. For Microsoft, the problem lies in the search for third-party publishers and studios, which Sony undertakes:

In addition to getting full exclusive content, Sony is entering into negotiations with third-party publishers that involve excluding Xbox from the list of platforms where developers can publish their games.

Sony is therefore tough on business and does not hesitate to deprive Microsoft of some of the biggest licenses in the industry, which the Redmond company has allowed itself to list:

Some glaring examples include Final Fantasy VII Remake, Bloodborne, the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI, and the recently announced Silent Hill 2 Remake.

Though FFXVI and Silent Hill 2 were announced as temporary exclusives, it looks like Xbox is still back on the sidelines. Only PC players will be able to enjoy these titles as well. It remains to be seen whether this new attack from Microsoft can tip the scales in the event of the takeover of Activision Blizzard, but it is especially betting that Sony risks sulking…

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