Microsoft shines in the third quarter, but its forecast for Azure worries Wall Street

Fun atmosphere at Microsoft. The Redmond company certainly beat analysts’ expectations with revenue of $50.1 billion for the third quarter, up 11% year-over-year. But the American giant still saw its shares fall on the evening of Tuesday, October 25, when the New York Stock Exchange closed. It fell by more than 6% after the publication of the group’s quarterly accounts, just like Google, which nevertheless experienced a much more complicated quarter.

However, the situation is far from dramatic at Microsoft, which can count on its cash cow, which is the cloud, to boost its revenues. In the first quarter of its staggered financial year, the group led by Satya Nadella collected 25.7 billion dollars in revenue (+ 24%) thanks to its activities in the cloud, which now represent more than half of the company’s revenue.

Within this division, Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform, is doing well with a turnover of 35%. However, the slowdown in Azure’s growth for the current quarter, announced by Amy Hood, the group’s chief financial officer, is causing concern in the markets. Other sources of concern, the Xbox (content and services) division saw its revenue fall 3% year-on-year after already posting a 6% drop in the previous quarter, while the Windows OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) division suffered. the largest decrease in the period with 15 per cent.

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