Microsoft strengthens the security of its Edge browser

Microsoft is improving the security of its Edge browser. The latter should include an additional level of protection for browsing “unfamiliar” sites.

Microsoft Edge is the internet browser developed by Microsoft to replace the iconic Internet Explorer. Based on a Chromium engine (like Chrome), Edge is a modern and powerful browser.

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If enhanced security mode is enabled, Microsoft Edge will automatically apply the most restricted security settings on unfamiliar sites.

Strengthen protection against attacks

Microsoft Edge Enhanced Security Mode mitigates memory-related vulnerabilities by disabling just-in-time (JIT) JavaScript compilation and enabling additional operating system protections for the browser.

These protections include Hardware-enforced Stack Protection and Arbitrary Code Protection (ACG). Combined, they make it more difficult for a malicious site to use an unpatched vulnerability to write to executable memory and attack an end user, Microsoft’s site reads.

The new security settings are available from version 104 of Microsoft Edge.

How do I enable enhanced security mode?

To activate these new features, go to Settings > Privacy, search and services > Improve your safety on the web. You can then select the navigation mode that suits you, and voila!

There are three navigation modes: Basic, Normal use and Strict. What differentiates them is the number of sites affected by enhanced security. It’s up to you to choose according to your needs. Good to know: Strict mode offers the best protection, but it will not be suitable for most users because, to be able to use it in everyday life, it requires some configuration.

Enhanced security mode also lets you create an “exception site list” for websites you trust and don’t want to apply enhanced security mode, making your browsing easier while still being protected. reinforced.

According to Microsoft, enterprise administrators can configure this security option using Group Policy settings, including creating lists To allow and To refuse to explicitly increase the security of their users when visiting certain sites, or disable the mode for others.


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