Microsoft Supply Chain Platform, Supply Chain Improvement

Just when we thought we had seen everything, the Redmond giant arrives and surprises us. On this occasion, we announce the Microsoft Supply Chain Platform product. This product is designed to help organizations optimize their supply chain data with an open approach. While leveraging Microsoft AI technology, collaboration, low code, security and SaaS applications.

Microsoft Supply Chain Center, procurement better controlled than ever

Microsoft is also previewing Microsoft Supply Chain Center, a clear command center for supply chain visibility and transformation, which is also part of the Microsoft Supply Chain Platform. The main purpose is “Work natively with an organization’s supply chain data and applications with built-in collaboration, supply and demand insights, and order management. » According to Charles Lamanna, vice president of Microsoft Business Applications and Platform:

Supply chain agility and resilience is directly linked to how organizations connect and orchestrate their data across all relevant systems. The Microsoft Supply Chain Platform and Supply Chain Center enable organizations to make the most of their existing investments to better understand and act quickly.

This announcement indicates that customers can fully utilize the Microsoft Cloud for their supply chain. “The Microsoft Supply Chain Platform provides the building blocks of Azure, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams and Power Platform so that customers can independently develop or apply functions for their supply chain needs.”

Thanks to Dataverse, users use it to create connections. These in turn will help them “Gain visibility across the entire supply chain, develop custom workflows with low-code solutions on the Power Platform, and securely collaborate internally and externally with the power of Teams”. With all this, organizations manage to reach a wider audience and ultimately improve their knowledge. In addition, it also minimizes the CO2 footprint of your organization and your supply chain.

Dynamics 365 continues to grow

The Microsoft Supply Chain Platform will work closely with Microsoft’s partner ecosystem to enable resilience and agility in customers’ supply chains. In this way, their combined efforts will allow them to “bring their industry and domain expertise to create integrated solutions leveraging Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Teams and Power Platform.”

If you are already in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, you automatically have access to the Supply Chain Center. Supply Chain Center unpacks a myriad of modules designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness. These include the order management module, the supply and demand information module and the partner modules.

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