MICROSOFT SURFACE LAPTOP GO 2: Features, price, news

Laptops today have a central place both in professional circles and for everyday use. that MICROSOFT SURFACE LAPTOP GO 2 is one of his machines that arouses great interest.


This laptop from the American giant Microsoft has many good features, but also some limitations. Discover the characteristics of MICROSOFT SURFACE LAPTOP GO 2 !

The main features of MICROSOFT SURFACE LAPTOP GO 2

Processor Intel Core i5-1135G7; 11th generation
Number of processor cores 4
Graphics card Intel Iris Xe
Fineness of engraving 10 nanometers
RAM memory 4 GB and 8 GB
Internal storage LPDDR4x 128 GB and 256 GB
Connection Bluetooth 5.1; Wi-Fi 6 (axis); USB
Battery 41 Wh Removable; Steep charging and autonomy 13:30.
Screen size 12.4 inches
Definition 1536 x 1024 pixels
Operating system Microsoft Windows 11, Microsoft Windows 11 Pro

Processor and operating system

MICROSOFT SURFACE LAPTOP GO 2 integrates Windows 11 OS, which offers great ease of use and good productivity. This device also relies on simple handling to enhance the user experience it offers.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop GO 2 processor is a Intel Core i5-1135G7 which has an etching fineness of 10 nanometers. This processor of 11e generation otherwise has a frequency from 3.6 GHz. He is also capable of that allocate machine resources to the most urgent tasksto carry out. This CPU can also quickly process an impressive amount of information.

This faculty provides Microsoft Surface Laptop GO 2 the status of a laptop suitable for many activities, even those of great complexity.

RAM and storage

A computer’s storage capacity indicates the maximum amount of information that can be stored there without using an external medium. Microsoft surface portable GO 2 has models of 128 or 256 GB. This is enough to keep many text files and even media, music or mini-games.

RAM, on the other hand, guarantees the speed of the execution of tasks. Sufficient RAM is therefore essential for machine processes to run smoothly and quickly. The Microsoft Surface Laptop GO 2 has a LPDDR4x RAM 4 GB or of 8GB.

The model of 8GB comes with an SSD 256 GB offers performance of 2.4 GB/s read and 1.6 GB/s write. In addition, this device is very responsive both on start-up and on wake-up.



In this portable model, Microsoft has decided to keep its plate 12.4 inches of format 3:2 equipped with a tactile layer. On the other hand, for its resolution, the Microsoft surface laptop GO 2 creates a delay on the previous model with a resolution of 1536 x 1024 pixels.

Such screen definition confirms the desire to focus this device more on productivity, not display . The tests performed on this panel show that it is very well calibrated with a delta E of 2.6. It is then possible to sometimes distinguish calorimetric drifts with the naked eye.

The brightness of this laptop is 370 cd/m². This is an excellent value for internal use that remains satisfactory for the external environment. Next to his brilliant designits very good anti-reflective treatment (24.5% reflectance) should be noted.

At this level, Microsoft’s Surface Laptop GO 2 competes with reference laptops such as the MacBook 13. If color temperature set to 6065 K is slightly lower than the ideal video standard of 6500 K, the contrast ratio is at a reasonable level.

This should help maintain a satisfying video and movie experience. Finally, persistence appears to be around 20ms, a level in line with the market average.


Equipped with a removable battery 41 Wh, the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 reaches 13 hours and 30 minutes of battery life in standard use. This performance confirms that of the predecessor Microsoft Surface Laptop Go, which had already pleased more than one.

In addition, the machine is equipped with a fast recharging system. She bids 80% charge aboutwithin an hour. This combination makes it possible to limit the time of use lost during refilling and to carry out the program for a day without worrying too much about recharging.

Physical properties and prices


This unit benefits from a well-consolidated format, especially thanks to aspect ratio 3:2 of its 12.4 inch screen. It is 27.8 cm wide, 21 cm deep and less than 1.6 cm thick.

Adding its 39 W (213 g) charger to the weight, we achieve the modest total weight of 1.1 kg. It allows you to move the laptop without worries.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 costs €669 for models with 4 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD. Rather, it is necessary €769 for those with 8GB of RAM. The model with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD requires you to pay €869. However, buy it in a professional and recognized store.


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