Microsoft Surface Pro 9: improved repairability, but still annoying opacity according to iFixit

Good news for Microsoft PC enthusiasts. The Surface Pro 9, the manufacturer’s iconic tablet PC that was announced just a month ago, has long been one of the most repairable computers in the series. iFixit, a site specializing in the disassembly and repair of electronic accessories, has even called it one “Most repaired surface in years”.

Some glue and some screws

In a video posted on November 10, 2022, its specialists point to the many improvements that Microsoft has made in the construction of the Surface Pro 9. The SSD is located behind the stand and can be changed with a single screwdriver. A good idea borrowed from the Surface Pro X released in 2019, but the new Surface Pro obviously goes further.

Unlike previous generations, which regularly inherited disastrous iFixit ratings, the Pro 9 allows many of its components to be replaced without too much trouble. The biggest change is in the screen. With a heat gun and a suction cup, it is possible to lift the plate from the surface relatively easily. A major upgrade from the Surface Pro 7, as iFixit called it “glue monster”.

Repair index still missing

Once the screen is removed, most components are accessible with a few screws. Do you want to change the battery? Only 10 small screws hold it in place. Replace the motherboard? Disconnect two or three cables, arm yourself with a Torx screwdriver and go. These improvements allow the Surface to inherit a score of 7/10 issued by iFixit. Why not more? Yes, all is not rosy at Microsoft.

If the Surface Pro 9 screen is easier to remove than its predecessors, be careful not to crack it during the disassembly phase. iFixit also notes that Microsoft does not yet provide widespread access to spare parts or a teardown guide for its devices. A recurring criticism directed at the company’s PCs, evidenced by the disastrous results that most Microsoft PCs inherit on this point in the French repairability index.

Ditto, Microsoft has a bad habit of hiding the repairability of its laptops, and the Surface Pro 9 seems to be no exception. The index cannot be found on most online sales sites. It is good to sell computers that can be repaired and it is better to provide spare parts to repair them. And it would be worth being transparent on the subject.

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