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Microsoft tackles CCleaner with a PC cleaning tool

Microsoft is currently working on brand new software called PC Manager. Compared to what CCleaner can offer, this official tool coming to Windows 11 and 10 will clean up and optimize the performance of your PC. For now, PC Manager is available in beta.

Credits: WindowsLatest

While DirectStorage 1.1 allows you to increase the load time of PC games on Windows 10 and 11, we just learned that Microsoft is working on a handy new official tool. In fact, the Redmond company is currently working on a new program called PC Manager.

Like what offers CCleanerone of the market’s benchmarks in this area, PC Manager will give you the opportunity clean and optimize the performance of your PC. If most of the features offered are already integrated in Windows 11 and 10, PC Manager has the advantage of grouping them all in the same place. There are e.g a storage management feature to manage or delete unused applicationswhile it is possible to perform a complete cleanup of the OS or to search for large files on your disks.

Via the process control function, the user will be able to finish tasks quickly which uses RAM. PC Manager even offers one Boost button to delete temporary files and frees up memory, which can be especially useful on older PCs. It can also help you monitor resource usage or quickly change your default browser. Finally, PC Manager also offers a recommendations section with various tips from Microsoft to keep your PC in good shape, such as disabling certain apps at startup.

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Credits: WindowsLatest

PC Manager, a promising tool but difficult to test

note that the public version of PC Manager beta appeared on the Chinese Microsoft official website, implying that the app would first target a specific market. On our side, we managed to download and install the beta of PC Manager. On the other hand, the software refuses to run on our two Windows 11 PCs. Our colleagues at TechRadar explain that they managed to launch the application, while stating that a third of the functionalities did not work.

At this time, Microsoft has not yet made an official statement about PC Manager. In fact, we do not know if there is a planned rollout of the software in the European and French markets in particular. We have to cross our fingers.

Source: WindowsLatest



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