Microsoft takeover of Activision: FTC decision expected in January | Xbox One

Recently, we told you about the concessions that Microsoft should make to the FTC to facilitate the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The Redmond company is trying to show its credentials against the FTC and Sony to try to close the deal, and it turns out that the first conclusion of the FTC could come down before long.

A decision that could be made by the FTC in January 2023

It is an article published yesterday on the Seeking Alpha site, which tells us that the recommendation of the staff of the FTC on the sale of Activision Blizzard would arrive in mid-December. Following this, the FTC would make a final decision next January if we go by a well-sourced Dealreporter article.

As a reminder, Microsoft will make sure to assure Sony that Activision games will be available on PlayStation machines for the next 10 years. This weekend, meetings were held organized by Microsoft to discuss these matters with Sony.

Last Wednesday, we learned from Politico that the FTC could block Microsoft’s takeover of Activision by filing an antitrust complaint. There may be an announcement on this topic as early as next month. If Microsoft gets the EU’s backing and puts forward enough tangible arguments, it can change the cards.

Until then, a closed-door meeting of the agency’s commission is reportedly scheduled for next Thursday, which could be related to Activision/Microsoft, according to knowledgeable traders. The information comes from an article in the FTC’s calendar from this Tuesday at the end of the day.

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