Microsoft Teams is infatuated with a clone of Facebook

Determined to persevere in the field of collaboration, content sharing and activity flows in companies, Microsoft announces its latest find, Storyline. Will the mayonnaise take this time the Yammer failed?

Those who like social media to show off will be happy to hear that Microsoft has launched its latest platform to connect with colleagues. Her name ? Storyline. If the inspiration of Facebook is obvious, the publisher has not really come to decide on the name of its solution. In one video, the network is called Microsoft Viva Engage. In another, the platform is called Storyline… Both look the same and perform the same function: allowing users to post content to the company feed, create groups and tell stories to each other. like what exists on Facebook and Instagram. Note that the Redmond firm claims that Storyline is a feature of Viva Engage… which is itself a Facebook-like feed of posts and/or stories. All run on Microsoft Viva, a solution launched last year by Microsoft along with Viva Connections, Viva Insights, Viva Learning and Viva Topics, to replace the company intranet. Not easy to find, right?

During the announcement, Microsoft called Viva Connections a virtual place for employee interactions, and it seems strong that it served as the basis for Storyline/Viva Engage. So, in total, there are three names to designate the social network. But, unless I’m mistaken, doesn’t Microsoft already have a social network? Well yes ! The supplier even has two: the Yammer collaborative platform, bought for $1.2 billion ten years ago, since integrated into Office and Teams, and which no one has probably ever used. The other being, of course, LinkedIn, bought in 2016 for $26.2 billion by Microsoft, which has become the de facto site for publishing your CV and positioning yourself as an influencer in the world of work. But apparently neither was the basis for Storyline/Viva Engage/Viva Connections. According to Microsoft, Storyline will be available in public beta in August.

Communities for Teams app rebranded as Viva Engage

Current Yammer customers will be able to deploy and pin Viva Engage to Teams through its admin center. Messages created in Storyline will be visible in Microsoft Viva Connections, Outlook, Teams, and Yammer via a new dedicated tab. Microsoft also clarifies that Viva Engage will be available to paying Microsoft 365 customers at no additional cost. However, the company must have a Yammer license to use the application. Good luck with that! Nevertheless, with Storyline, it will always be possible to listen virtually to the wise advice of the general manager or even the messages of the human resources department. Each user will be able to post their own messages, react with emoji (including the exasperating hands in prayer for example) or even sprinkle recommendations on their timeline. According to Microsoft, everyone will be able to post messages about what they do and follow other people in the company. Everyone will also be able to share short videos with a recorded message.

And for those who fear that Storyline / Viva Engage / Viva Connections will clutter up their digital life a little more and further multiply the spaces to store something essential, Microsoft specifies that Storyline / Viva Engage / Viva Connections will be integrated into Teams. So be careful: if his boss publishes a new photo of his favorite pet, everyone can quickly “like” it and receive notifications. Ideal for positioning yourself as an associate VP in no time!

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