Microsoft under new complaint to the European Commission

Microsoft is the subject of a new complaint to the European Commission. CISPE accuses it of “unfair software licensing practices”. The association calls for the opening of a “formal investigation” as soon as possible and proposes the creation of an independent European observatory.

As the months go by, concerns are growing about the challenges in the cloud and especially the dominant position of certain players, primarily Americans – Amazon, Google and Microsoft, to name a few. The competition authority itself also seized the case at the beginning of the year, but the conclusions of its investigation are not yet known.

Complaints are piling up against Microsoft

A few months later, we learned that OVHcloud, together with other companies, had filed a complaint against Microsoft with the European Commission’s DG Competition (Directorate General for Competition). In April, the European Commission sent questionnaires about Microsoft’s licensing agreements, a first step that could lead to the initiation of formal proceedings, Reuters reported. This week Michel Paulin (CEO of OVHcloud) said to himself “ very happy to see that now 60 companies have joined their complaint, which is still being investigated by the Commission.

Coincidence or not of the calendar, another entity has just announced the filing of a new complaint against Microsoft, this time again to the Directorate-General for Competition of the European Commission. This is CISPE (Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe), or the association of cloud infrastructure providers in Europe. Among its members are France’s 3DS Outscale and OVHcloud, Italy’s Aruba as well as… America’s Amazon (via AWS).

In its press release, CISPE specifies from the start that it ” supports its two members, OVHcloud and Aruba, which have already filed a separate complaint against Microsoft “. With its own complaint, the association has ” takes into account serious outstanding issues and represents the European cloud infrastructure industry as a whole. It seeks solutions that will benefit customers and providers in a dynamic market for cloud infrastructure services “.

We filed this industry complaint to address supplier and customer harm caused by unfair software licensing practices […] DG Comp must act quickly and launch a formal investigation into complaints about Microsoft’s abuse of software licenses to defend the strong cloud ecosystem Europe needs and deserves », explains Francisco Mingorance (General Secretary of CISPE)

The association uses the opportunity to make proposals.

Microsoft blows hot and cold


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