Microsoft unveils an Xbox controller … that sings

The world’s first singing controller is from Xbox and can be won via a contest.

In the world of quirky gaming accessories, there are things we never thought we’d see and this discovery is one of them. Microsoft unveils a new controller, all dressed in red, which has the particularity of singing. Yes, you read that right, this controller sings to the delight of music-loving gamers. Designed in partnership with Interscope Records, the controller is very classic in appearance, and sports a design that doesn’t stand out any more than any other.

On the front side, you will find the inscription “bad decisions” which is actually the name of the new single from Benny Blanco, the Korean group BTS and Snoop Dogg. The names of the three parties are also listed just below. And for good reason, you can by pressing a simple button listen to the song directly from your controller and this thanks to the speaker placed at the back of it.

Note that this is a new generation model, the device is therefore compatible with all new Xbox technologies and benefits from the latest design released by the firm. You will therefore have a comfortable controller in addition to a portable jukebox.

An accessory more than an accessory

An innovation that nevertheless leaves us with an impression of deja-vu. This is surely also your case if you are old enough to have known the McDonald’s games of the 2000s. Although very anecdotal in its use, this object remains a very limited edition collector’s item that you can try to win to enrich the catalog of your finds. It could not be easier.

All you have to do is connect to Twitter, follow the Xbox account and retweet the post below, taking care to add the corresponding hashtag. You have until August 25 to participate. Of course, as with all competitions, you must be 18 or older to try your luck.

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