Microsoft Viva also takes care of the experience of managers…

Microsoft announced last night a whole slew of new modules and functionalities for its new flagship platform “Microsoft Viva” which is enjoying enormous success at a time when companies are trying to heal employee experiences and retain talent who have desires to leave. .

Hazard calendars or awkwardness of the Windows team? While the Office division was holding a conference to promote several new features around hybrid work and Microsoft Viva, the division Surface stole the show by announcing its next conference for October 12. Enough to divert media attention from Viva announcements while this Surface meeting will coincide with a Windows 11 “Moment” but will above all celebrate the 10th anniversary of the range. And we are expecting a few surprises for this anniversary.

Be that as it may, Microsoft has announced several new features around its employee experience management platform (EX – Employee Experience), Microsoft Viva. Most of these new features focus on the relationship between managers and their teams with a desire to allow an increase in employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction as teams are increasingly hybrid and distributed, and to ensure that all employees get the messages and instructions from their managers.

Several new modules will thus be added to Microsoft’s EX platform in the coming weeks:

VivaPulse informs managers and team leaders about the experience of their team through regular and confidential feedback. ” Viva Pulse uses smart models and research-based questions to help managers identify what’s working well and where to focus, and also offers suggested learnings and actions to meet business needs. the team » explains Microsoft.

Viva Pulse to restore dialogue between managers and employees

Viva Amplify empowers leaders to reach employees where they are with consistency and impact. The app centralizes communications campaigns, offers copywriting tips to improve message resonance, enables posting to multiple channels and distribution groups in Microsoft 365, and provides metrics for improvement.

Viva Amplify

Viva Amplify allows managers to create and publish internal communications on a multitude of channels.

Answers in Viva is a new AI-powered feature to help employees quickly find answers to their questions or connect with experts within the organization. The objective is to streamline the sharing of knowledge and put collective knowledge at the service of all.

People in Viva again relies on AI to create rich profile cards containing details about an employee’s interests, knowledge and team goals, to help colleagues easily discover connections, experts and ideas throughout the organization.

People in Viva

People in Viva makes it easy for employees to identify each team’s skills and goals as they navigate the organization.

the Leadership Corner enriches the Viva Engage module (management of digital communities). This new virtual space invites employees to interact directly with leaders, share their ideas and points of view, participate in organizational initiatives, and more.

Microsoft Viva Leadership Corner

The “Leadership Corner” offers managers a space and a way to share stories and connect with their collaborators.

Finally Microsoft recalled that the module Viva Sales, the first application of role-based experiences, will be officially available on October 3. Viva Sales is a module focused on the seller experience. It brings together a salesperson’s CRM with Microsoft 365 and Teams to deliver a more streamlined, AI-powered sales experience — right into the tools they use every day to connect with customers and close deals.

Discover all these new features in video:



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