Microsoft wants to develop a mobile game store

Microsoft said in a document to the UK competition authority that the company wanted to create a mobile games store.

In documents published by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA or the competition authority in the UK), Microsoft reveals part of its strategic vision to justify the purchase of Activision Blizzard. The creation of a mobile game store would free itself from the dominant stores by taking advantage of lucrative franchises.

A clear strategy

Last January, Microsoft officially announced its takeover offer for publisher Activision Blizzard for nearly $69 billion. A bomb in the middle of the video game that caught the attention of the UK Competition Authority, who decided to open an investigation to investigate this takeover offer last July. During this investigation, Microsoft had the opportunity to respond in a document that was published on the various points that the CMA considered questionable. In its answers, Microsoft especially justifies its takeover offer by explaining its vision for the mobile market.

The American publisher’s strong presence in the mobile market thanks to King (candy destruction Saga) and games Call of Duty mobile (which grossed $327 million in revenue in its first year of operation), would help Microsoft establish itself in this lucrative market where it is totally absent. Here is what can be read on the document Microsoft’s Response to Phase 1 Decision :

” […] The transaction will enhance Microsoft’s ability to create a next-generation game store that can work across a variety of devices, including mobile, with the addition of content from Activision Blizzard. Building on Activision Blizzard’s gaming communities, Xbox will try to expand the Xbox Store to mobile devices, drawing players to a new Xbox Mobile platform. »

candy destruction turned 10 last April and still boasts 273 million monthly players worldwide. ©Candy Crush

Take market share from Google and Apple

Should the acquisition be validated by the CMA next year, Microsoft would then have the tools and funds to gain a foothold in the mobile gaming market. Also in its response document, we can read that this new mobile platform will especially aim to change the spending habits of players all over the world. A battle that the company knows is difficult, but which it seems to be leading to attract consumers who are used to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

The Redmond company has further confirmed its desire to source Google and Apple stores. It specifies that its “new generation” store will respect the Open App Store principles, implemented by the brand last February. These principles aim to ensure compliance with the applicable legislation in the major regions of the world and to build applications in accordance with them and not by opposing them. A direct reference to disputes in the App Store in particular with judges around the world.

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