Microsoft warns us about its Edge browser

In September, we warned you to be wary of the Word software that hackers used to enable the installation of malicious software. Here is a warning about the Edge browser. Researchers responsible for the development of Malwarebytes antivirus have discovered that this tool allows hackers to make money.

To achieve this result, they will use an online advertising network. When the user arrives at the news feed on his website, the user discovers content that can capture his attention. And by following up, he is redirected to a page that invokes computer security. If he clicks on the page, hackers will be paid through the programming interface.

And the system will make the user discover the address of a website that the pirates have communicated. This way, they will be able to check if this person’s profile allows them to fall into the trap.

The researchers explain to us that the person acting will find themselves on a page where they will see a warning message. Message telling him that a very dangerous virus is present on his computer. A phone number is displayed and she is encouraged to immediately contact IT support to help resolve the situation. As you can imagine, by reacting, the user has to pay to have this virus removed, which is obviously not present on his computer.

We knew this technique well, especially with the phone calls allegedly coming from Microsoft. The person who picked up was informed of a situation similar to the one I am describing to you.

In the situation mentioned this week, to ensure maximum security, hackers use the Cloud and use different domain names to make it harder to locate them. However, Malwarebytes specifies that these pirates would be active from India. Which had already been highlighted for the phone scam we were talking about.

If you have discovered this type of page, our advice is to close it immediately and never follow up.

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