Microsoft will expand the Gears Of War brand beyond Gears 6

Fans of the Gears of War franchise are likely still waiting for Microsoft to announce the next steps for the series. After the success of Gears 5, The Coalition has already started work on what should be the next game in the beloved series. We don’t know anything official about Gears 6 yet, but we do know that the studio is still recruiting people for future projects.

On September 20, Microsoft filed an application to extend the ownership of Gears of War with the United States Patent Office. The American company does not want to stop at Gears 6 and its games, it wants to extend the brand far beyond the next game in the series.

Microsoft is turning to Gears 6

In the documentation filed by Microsoft with the patent office, the company does not hide that it wishes to exploit the brand well beyond video games. In the documentation, Microsoft wants to have full control of the Gears brand, logos and everything related to it.

This move would make a lot of sense, Microsoft wants to expand the brand from video games to merchandising, board games, toys and anything else that can be operated under the Gears of War brand. Microsoft currently owns the rights to the brand, and that way they’re just expanding the rights to carry whatever they have in store for the future of the franchise after Gears 6.

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