Microsoft will revise the search box and integrate a VPN connection indicator

The latest build distributed to Insiders members reveals several new features coming to Windows 11. Microsoft’s OS will soon welcome a new search button on the taskbar and will indicate when you’re connected to a VPN.

After celebrating Thanksgiving, Microsoft developers got back to work and have just released a new build to Insiders within the developer channel. In addition to the usual bug fixes, Microsoft has made several changes and improved some features.

A new icon for VPN connections

The system tray (systray) will thus develop. It will soon show new information that has not been present in Microsoft’s operating system until now. Windows 11 will actually be able to display an icon when your machine is connected to a VPN profile. This icon, which will use the accent color configured on your machine, will take the form of a small shield that appears on the active network connection icon.

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A redesigned search field

If you’ve recently updated your Windows 11 machine, you may have been treated to the rollout of a new search button on the taskbar. Microsoft, which is apparently still undecided about the final appearance of this search box. The Redmond company is clearly exploring several formats: one, quite classic, rectangular, the other with rounded edges. Insiders will thus have the option to choose to display a simple search button, a rectangular field, a rounded field or no search button. They will have to go to Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Taskbar Items to provide feedback to Microsoft.

Windows 11 search taskbar

In recent months, Microsoft has multiplied initiatives aimed at modernizing certain interface elements and certain functions of Windows 11. A few weeks ago, the Redmond company attacked the Task Manager in its operating system. She chose to include a search field to more easily find a running process. The American giant has even gone so far as to integrate an option in the OS Task Manager to allow it to appear using the theme of its choice as default, independent of the theme configured in Windows.



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