Microsoft Windows 10 market share falls 1.5% to 69.77% While Windows 11 grows to 16.12% market share, up 0.67%

Windows 11 was slow to arrive, and the initial welcome seemed lukewarm at best. Microsoft had a reputation for creating a great operating system followed by a bad one, as seen with XP followed by Vista, then Windows 7 followed by Windows 8.

Despite that, it seems that Microsoft has finally broken the curse with Windows 11, and data from StatCounter shows that its adoption rate is increasing, albeit at a very slow pace.

Windows 10 saw its market share drop below 70% to 69.77%. Meanwhile, Windows 11 has reached a market share of 16.12%, suggesting that users are updating to the latest iteration of the operating system. However, Windows 11’s market share only increased by 0.67%. This indicates that some users are migrating to other operating systems, with Mac OS in particular being a popular choice.

Interestingly, it seems that many Windows users may be returning to Windows 7. This operating system is in third place with a market share of 10.24%, and it broke through the 10% mark after an increase of about 0.62 points . This is despite Microsoft discontinuing support for Windows 7, which may make it less efficient to use.

The most popular operating system title is actually Android if we widen the lens to smartphones. It has a market share of 43.37%, while Windows gets a share of 29.24%. iOS comes in third with 17.25%. All of these operating systems have experienced a marginal decline in market share, the reason for which is currently unknown.

Windows 11 and 7 are two of the only operating systems that have seen their market share increase in 2022.

Source: StatCounter

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