Microsoft’s new screenshot tool is coming soon

Microsoft is finalizing the new version of the screenshot and video recording tool for Windows 11. The tool is already available to members of the Insider program.

With Windows 11, Microsoft has not always been able to deliver on its promises. The Redmond company has repeatedly promised new features in updates to its operating system before withdrawing them at the last minute due to bugs. The OS’s screenshot tool is the perfect example.

Microsoft announced earlier this year that a new version of its screenshot application would be rolled out with Windows 11’s 22H2 update. The screen video recording module was ultimately not delivered as promised with the latest major OS update. However, it seems that Microsoft has made progress on the issue.

© Microsoft – Screenshot from the Windows 11 22H2 presentation video

The new screen capture and recording tool is coming soon

A priori, the new version of the screen recording application, which will also include a new screen video recording module, should be available in the coming weeks. Microsoft is currently ready to start testing its new tool with members of the Insider program.

This was revealed by the Windows 11 Feedback Hub, which allows testers to report their comments about possible bugs in the Preview of Windows 11. Microsoft has just launched its 2022 bug hunt (BugBash) which allows testers to earn rewards, such as the ability to test future features of the operating system. Among the quests offered in the Windows 11 Feedback Hub, Microsoft offered one (which has since been removed) that invited to test the screen recording module integrated in the original Windows Snipping Tool 11.

Windows 11 Screenshot Tool
© SubjunctiveQuaver – Reddit

Microsoft also explains in detail how its new tool works. Of course, after opening the Windows 11 Snipping Tool, you only need to select the recording mode recording, and then click the New button to select the area of ​​the screen to record. After clicking the Start button on the tool, the screen video recording should start. Then click the red record button to stop recording. According to Microsoft, the generated video file should automatically open in the Snipping Tool viewer window.



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