Microsoft’s SwiftKey keyboard is back on iOS

Surprise, Microsoft has decided to bring its SwiftKey keyboard back to iOS. The group had announced to give it up in October, and now the situation is changing today.

SwiftKey is back on iPhone and iPad

The abandonment of SwiftKey on iOS in October was quite confusing, knowing that Microsoft had not really gone into the details. Here’s what the company said:

As of October 5, SwiftKey will end support on iOS and the keyboard will be removed from the Apple App Store. Microsoft will continue to support SwiftKey on Android as well as the underlying technology that powers the Windows Touch Keyboard. For customers who have installed SwiftKey on iOS, it will continue to work until it is manually uninstalled or the user gets a new device. Visit for more information.

Today, the SwiftKey keyboard is back on iOS with availability in the App Store. Why this return? Microsoft makes it clear that there was a request from the public that made them change their mind. Despite everything, the group has not taken the opportunity to update it, we remain with the version from April 2021. It is not specified if there will be updates in the future or if the keyboard will remain as it exists today without any development / improvement.

For his part, Vishnu Nath, Vice President and General Manager of OneNote and Office Products Group at Microsoft, encouraged users to “keep up to date with what the team has in store”. Pedram Rezaei, technical director of the Maps and Local Services division at Microsoft, said that the business was in progress “invest heavily in the keyboard”without going into details.

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