migrant center sparks debate in Britain



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As every day, the news takes 23.00 a tour of the news broadcast by European TV channels. It’s Eurozapping on Thursday 3rd November.

In the United Kingdom, in Kent, a center for migrants is at the center of attention. In recent days, it has greatly exceeded its capacity. Almost 4,000 migrants would pile up there, for only 1,600 places. An overpopulation was considered worrying by the inhabitants of the municipalities close to the camp. “It’s horrible to come to this, but it wouldn’t happen if they didn’t keep coming and the authorities didn’t let them in.”, says a man, Thursday, November 3. Since the start of the year, the UK has faced a record number of Channel crossings with at least 40,000 arrivals.

In Italy, the number of rescues in the Mediterranean is increasing. More than 500 migrants from Africa have been rescued at sea in recent days in seven separate operations. Currently, no European country is willing to welcome these migrants. “We don’t have enough room to sleep. We sleep on the floor. It’s very cold in the morning and in the evening”, says a man. The new Italian government wants to establish a naval blockade in the Mediterranean to slow the arrival of migrants.

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