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Leave with peace of mind thanks to the Tp-Link Tapo surveillance camera. Right now she’s 50% off at Amazon. Protect yourself from intruders or monitor your children when you are away from home with this Wifi camera.

The Tp-Link Tapo Camera is on sale at Amazon. She thus sees her price drop to 24.90 euros instead of 49.90 euros. For Amazon Prime members, shipping is free. It’s time to equip yourself with safety gear. And if the price is low, its performance is not. Capable of capturing every detail in high definition, you won’t miss a thing.

It can rotate 360 ​​degrees to cover an entire room, and its vertical movement sweeps up to 114 degrees. Every suspicious movement is detected and you will immediately receive a notification. Thus, you can trigger light or sound effects to scare off burglars. With its night mode, nothing escapes it. Thanks to its 128 GB storage capacity via microSD card, you can watch the recordings. You also have the option of saving them in the cloud with a subscription. And if you’re concerned about your privacy, the camera can be physically closed with a security code.

Protect yourself with Tp-Link Tapo on sale

Tp-Link Tapo is not only used to monitor your home in your absence. She can also look after your baby when he sleeps in his room. Even better, it allows you to communicate with him to calm him down. The same for your pets. You can monitor their nonsense, talk to them, or make sure they’re okay. The camera also works with voice command and Alexa and due to its small size it is discreet. In addition, with its intuitive application, you will be able to control it easily.

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