Mobile insurance: Indexia (ex-SFAM) loses a new legal battle

Unjustified withdrawals, impossibility of terminating the contract… The Indexia group, the former SFAM (the French mobile insurance company), is accused by thousands of customers of deceptive practices. Last March, some of them decided to take the insurer to court in order to put an end to undue deductions and to obtain reimbursement. According to information from RMC, Monday August 8, SFAM, now the Indexia group, was sentenced by the Paris court at the end of July 2022.

Originally, a couple of consumers who were victims of nearly 200 unjustified direct debits and who could not cancel. The company was ordered to disclose their contracts to them so that they could challenge them. “Communication of contracts is a first step, commented master Emma Leoty, the consumer lawyer. If my clients have been reimbursed as part of this legal action, this reimbursement does not prevent them from initiating a new procedure to potentially obtain the pure and simple cancellation of the contracts and to seek legal damages”, she explained to our colleagues.


Denouncing a “scam”, customers attack the Indexia telephone insurer

The company has already been fined 10 million euros

Today, the Facebook group “Arnaque SFAM” brings together 1,700 people, specifies RMC. All denounce the same facts: unjustified levies and great difficulty in terminating contracts. This condemnation is therefore an encouraging message for these consumers. “Thanks to this legal possibility, they will be able to obtain their contract and be able to estimate whether or not they have a chance of engaging the responsibility of these entities and obtaining financial compensation,” said the lawyer.

In 2019, the insurer had already been ordered to pay a fine of 10 million euros to the repression of fraud for misleading commercial practices. But despite this sanction, the practices continued. Between September 2019 and May 2020, 700 consumers sent a report to the DGCCRF (General Directorate for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention). The repression of fraud therefore decided to take legal action again, it transmitted its conclusions to the public prosecutor of Paris in April. According to information from RMC, the file is still under study and new prosecutions could take place.


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