mobilization towards the installation of the future Amazon data center in Wissous

For residents and elected officials, the data center will have a negative ecological impact because of its power. The town hall, for its part, has decided to suspend building permits pending environmental guarantees.

15,000 square meters of computer room. In Wissous (Essonne), the installation of an Amazon data center is controversial, especially because of the negative ecological impact that the project could have.

“We would like to see that this project is not carried out to the detriment of the surrounding municipalities and the environment”, explains Olivier Ruiz, member of the collective for the Natural Space of Montjean at the microphone of the BFM Paris Ile-de-France.

More ecological impacts

If some residents join the fight against this data center, elected municipal officials, from the majority and the opposition, are also on the front line.

“All this electrical current, this released heat will not be recovered and will be released to nature at a time when citizens are asked to be aware of their heating” laments Philippe De Fruyt, elected opposition member.

“What worries us the most are the emissions from generators, because when you burn fuel, you end up with sulfur oxides and other pollutants that can travel more than a hundred meters around the data center”, emphasizes Olivier Ruiz.

In addition, the city is surrounded “by Orly airport, the A6 motorways, the TGV and Orlyval”, explains Jean-Luc Touly, municipal councilor responsible for PR, water and sanitation. “It’s a small town, called a village, where life is good. But with all this, it’s not going to do that.”

No information from Amazon

According to these elected officials and the members of the collective for the Natural Space of Montjean, Amazon did not provide any additional information to try to reassure the municipality. “We want more transparency, more communication from Amazon”, launches Olivier Ruiz, member of the collective.

So faced with the American giant’s silence, the municipality took the decision to suspend the current building permits and demanded Amazon carry out an environmental impact study.

Oriane Voisine and Nicolas de Roucy with Martin Regley

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