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Mon Petit Placement launches a new green placement

The online broker Mon Petit Placement is launching its Greenfin-certified environmental portfolio. A new offer for its life insurance policy focuses on investing in green businesses.

New at Mon Petit Placement. The online broker makes it possible to take out life insurance 100% invested in units of account, accessible under pilot management. And the fintech has just launched a new portfolio made up of 5 funds labeled Greenfin.

The broker targets specific sectors

According to Mon Petit Placement, this new portfolio will allow savers to ensure a good potential annual performance, by choosing investments at the service of the ecological transition specific sectors such as energy, construction, waste management, pollution control and even clean transport.

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In view of the environmental context in which we operate, we started from the premise that ESG criteria are the basis of finance today. And will be even more so tomorrow. Launching a 100% Greenfin-certified portfolio allows us to go a step further, by carefully selecting our partner funds as we have always done, but also by allowing the French to give meaning to their savings by making a different commitment to the plantexplains Thomas Perret, President and founder of Mon Petit Placement in a press release.

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The online broker already allowed savers to move towards responsible investments geared towards the climate, solidarity, health or even employment. It is therefore an additional step taken by Mon Petit Placement. The Greenfin label effectively aims to direct investments towards companies working for the ecological transition and directly excludes the fossil fuel and nuclear sectors.

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