Montpellier: a new, friendlier welcome for Health Insurance in Gambetta

A completely redesigned reception for better service to policyholders and an improved working environment for agents. (©CN / Metropolitan)

A few days ago, the Hérault Primary Health Insurance Fund inaugurated the renovation from his welcome from the Cours Gambetta to Montpellier. A space of 900m2 completely redesigned around the sustainable developmentof quality of life at work and the reception of the insured. A fresco by the artist Sunra brings art and poetry to the place.

The busiest in Hérault

With 38,000 people received in 2021, 11,100 from January 1 to July 31, 2022 and a forecast of 50,000 by the end of the year, the Montpellier Gambetta reception is the most frequented Health Insurance site from Hérault. “We were certainly the last CPAM not to have modernized its reception” underlines Philippe Trotabas to mark the need for this investment of 2M€.

With initial satisfaction for the director of the Hérault Health Insurance: “We ensured continuity of service throughout the duration of the works thanks to the support of CARSAT”. Also recalling that in the covid crisis: “23 advisers and their manager demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt. We were one of the first funds in France to open our physical reception after confinement. We haven’t closed since. It was a very strong public service commitment”.

Improve user reception

For those who knew the old version of the agency, the change is radical once the doors are crossed. For 15 months, a vast rehabilitation was undertaken to bring more light and allow better circulation for users. They can take advantage of a self-service area comprising three multi-service terminals and numerous computer stations to carry out online procedures independently. An advice space houses ten boxes for personalized appointments, three of which are dedicated to social services, three reserved for medical service consultants and two for sensitive and emergency situations. Finally, an animation space will host workshops focusing in particular on support for digital tools.

Several spaces to deliver better service to policyholders.
Several spaces to deliver better service to policyholders. (©CN / Metropolitan)

In addition, the three organizations – Health Insurance, medical service (ELSM) and social service – brought together in the same place guarantees a reinforcement of synergies with the administrative services of the fund for better care of the insured. A hundred appointments are thus guaranteed per day.

“While we have moved to all appointments, it was essential for us to be able to take care of emergency situations for policyholders who come without an appointment and to offer a place that allows a place that also provides a digital offer for policyholders who do not have equipment at home,” summarizes Philippe Trotabas. In 2022, 2,250 people were thus taken care of immediately.

Reduce energy consumption

The renovation also aimed to comply with the architectural charter of the Cpam and to improve the energy and environmental performance of the building. Natural light and choice of materials considerably improve the thermal quality of the reception.

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Philippe Trotabas, director of the CPAM of Hérault, during the inauguration of the reception of the Cours Gambetta.
Philippe Trotabas, director of the CPAM of Hérault, during the inauguration of the reception of the Cours Gambetta. (©CN / Metropolitan)

Thus in the old hall with its dome devoid of thermal insulation and offering a ceiling height of 6 m, a new fully insulated floor makes it possible to lower the ceiling height. Natural lighting has been greatly improved with the creation of two glazed patios and the installation of several skylights. All this brings a significant reduction in energy consumption. “In the current context, it is obviously important” emphasizes Philippe Trotabas.

A fresco of Sunra

After consultation between CPAM agents, the street-artist Sunra created a mural more than 10 meters wide by 3 meters high. This represents the faces of Montpellier residents and volunteer employees of the Hérault Health Insurance. “It is a positive fresco which is a representation of our diversity. I started with a quote from Saint-Exupéry which says “To love is to all look in the same direction”. It seemed to me that this quote corresponds to the values ​​of the CPAM in the idea of ​​having a common objective” explained Sunra. A fresco which, for Philippe Trotabas particularly delighted with the work, illustrates the motto of the CPAM: “Act together, protect everyone”.

The Sunra fresco with faces of Montpellier residents and CPAM agents.
The Sunra fresco with faces of Montpellier residents and CPAM agents. (©CN / Metropolitan)

In the coming weeks, the Health Insurance Health Examination Center at Espace Gisèle Halimi in La Mosson will open its doors and the first local health contract for the City of Montpellier will be signed. “The CPAM will be very invested in it,” confirms Philippe Trotabas.

Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie, 29 Cours Gambetta, Montpellier. Councilors welcome the public by appointment from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4.30 pm. Such. 3646. For appointment procedures and requests, log into your Ameli account.

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