Montpellier celebrates its historic ties with Britain

104 years ago today, the Armistice of World War I was signed. A deadly conflict that remains etched in the memories of the people of Montpellier gathered on November 11 to pay tribute to the victims.

Under the French and British flags, a small crowd forms on the Charles-de-Gaulle esplanade in Montpellier. There were a hundred of them who had to gather to participate in the ceremony for the 104thth the anniversary of the Armistice signed on November 11, 1918. The opportunity to once again honor the 10 million combatants who fell during the “Great War”. But also to emphasize the brotherly relationship between the French and the British.

After centuries of fighting on land and sea for global hegemony, we have now been at peace for two centuries and allies since 1833, the date of the first Accord Cordiale.“, Mayor Michaël Delafosse declared during his speech. A friendship shared by Théo Rycroft, the Deputy Ambassador of the United Kingdom to France, who was present during the ceremony, making a point to greet “the soldiers’ sacrifice“and the strength of the two nations’ bond to this day.”We has always had very strong links with Montpellier, very fruitful contacts with the population and companies working with the UK“, the deputy ambassador added. Projects would be in discussion with the city of Montpellier, such as twinning with the city of Manchester, cultural, tourist or even university programs, according to a press release from the municipality.

The ceremony ended with the laying of several wreaths at the foot of the war memorial, followed by a live one God save the king followed by an acoustic Marseillaise, taken up by one voice of the crowd.

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