more choice of apps, at the risk of multiplying “scams”

Microsoft is reversing its policy regarding the right to offer paid open source applications on its Store and changing course. Developer complaints seem to have got the better of the proposal. Supposed to protect developers as well as users, this choice was not unanimous.

Source: Microsoft

Anger growls and is heard. After updating its policy last month and initially banning apps open-source paying on its Application Store, Microsoft ends up retracting and changing its mind.

A turnaround from Microsoft

The measure supposed to reduce the number of “scams” ​​and improve the reliability of Microsoft Store applications does not seem to have made anyone happy. After receiving several complaints and feedback from developers, Microsoft decided to reverse its decision to finally authorize the applications open-source paying on his store.

This Microsoft Store policy change was announced through Giorgio Sardo, General Manager of Apps, Partners and Store at Microsoft.

2/3 To clarify our intent, we removed the previous mention to open source pricing. We’re committed to building an open Store and enabling dev choice and flexibility. If there are intellectual property concerns about an app, please report it at

— Giorgio Sardo (@gisardo) July 18, 2022

The measure was intended to protect developers from possible imitations of their application that would capitalize on the work of the community open-source to take advantage of it. But at the same time it prevented any application developer open-source to monetize their work.

The end of blocking for developers

Microsoft’s store rules no longer mention the price of apps for developers. The director of the Store himself having highlighted the excellence of the applications open-source on the Store, whether free or paid, indicating in passing to always expect more.

Microsoft wishes to enforce copyright and intellectual property on the applications present on its Store and wishes to ensure the safety of its users at the same time. The Microsoft Store policy change history is available online here.

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