more than 200,000 email servers are victims of critical bugs… and still no patch available!

Microsoft has confirmed that two vulnerabilities have not only been identified but also actively exploited since the beginning of August 2022 on Microsoft Exchange. Specifically, the company founded by Bill Gates recognized that a “ limited number of attacks allowed attackers to penetrate user systems from Exchange.

Versions 2013, 2016 and 2019 are affected. Since then, the Redmond company has announced that it is actively working on patches, but these are still pending, while more than 220,000 Exchange servers are still under threat from hackers. The warning was issued by Vietnamese cybersecurity firm GTSC, which notably discovered that several Exchange customers’ websites were infected with hacked code.

In fact, the first identified vulnerability, called CVE-2022-41040, spoofs server-side requests. The second, called CVE-2022-41082, allows remote shell code execution introduced by exploiting the first vulnerability by an attacker with access to PowerShell. According to Microsoft security researchers, the attacker must have a valid user ID on an Exchange server at his disposal in order to succeed in his attack.

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