Morocco-UK submarine cable. The German Conenergy participates in the Xlinks project

The German Conenergy has announced that it has entered into a financial and strategic partnership with the British start-up Xlinks for the submarine electricity cable project that will connect Morocco with the UK.

As the operator specializing in energy services points out in a press release issued by it on November 14: “Conenergy is already investing in many sustainable energy infrastructure and supply projects, including companies such as the world leader in charging infrastructure Chargepoint and many other start-UPS. Conenergy is thus the driving force behind energy conversion, heating and mobility”.

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An arrival to the project that Simon Morrish, founder and CEO of Xlinks, welcomes: “We look forward to working with Conenergy, which brings its sustainability and solutions-oriented approach to the energy world. We are also particularly pleased to welcome the founder and managing Director Roman Dudenhausen and his team welcome to the Xlinks family of investors. Their investment shows the markets’ and our industry’s growing confidence in the project and the benefits it will bring.”

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As a reminder, the company Xlinks intends to build an undersea electric cable to deliver renewable energy from Morocco to the UK. A project consisting of laying several 3,800 km submarine cables to connect a renewable energy platform in southern Morocco with southwest England and be operational by 2030. An installation that will enable the delivery of 3.6 GW of reliable, clean electricity to the UK an average of 20 hours per day as calculated by Xlinks.

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It should also be remembered that Octopus Energy, the UK renewable energy operator, also entered into a financial and strategic partnership with Xlinks last May. It should also be noted that this same company sealed a partnership last March with The British group Intertek, one of the most important providers of quality assurance and technical advice to industries in connection with long electrical interconnection projects.

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