Mrs. Coulibaly marries Koffi Aminata (CEO) signs an agreement with an insurance company

In his vision to make the National Police Provident Fund (FPPN) a truly effective tool at the service of mutual negotiators, the Director General, Mrs. Coulibaly wife Koffi Aminata, signed on Friday, December 9, 2022, an agreement with the Générale Nationale d. ‘Assurances de Côte d’Ivoire (GNA-CI).

Allow each mutualist to insure his vehicle at a favorable price

Through the signing of this agreement, it is a matter of giving every mutual dealer the opportunity to insure his vehicle at an advantageous price and in a staggered way, regardless of where he is in the national territory.

The Divisional Police Commissioner Taya Anne-Marie Charlotte (DGA of FPPN) and the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the ceremony suggested that “This project was matured and designed as soon as the implementation of the three-year action plan for the current team led by the Divisional Commissioner of Police, Coulibaly marries with Koffi Aminata, CEO of FPPN”.

Mrs. Coulibaly, the wife of Koffi Aminata, in turn said that the signing of this agreement marks an important phase in the relationship between FPPN and this insurance company.

With the signing of this agreement, FPPN will achieve dematerialization of the subscription to the insurance policy. For this purpose, this company will provide FPPN with tablets configured and placed in virtually all police departments with high human and mechanical mobility, such as prefectures, central directorates, police districts, police stations, etc.

“These tablets will enable mutualists to take out their insurance online,” enthused the FPPN CEO, before adding: “From now on, our mutualists will no longer travel. This is the insurance that comes to them”.

“It is the only company that settles claims in 3 hours and 59 minutes”

For his part, the managing director of this insurance company, Romuald Kouassi Konan, assured the managing director of FPPN that she made a good choice because “It is the only company that settles claims in 3 hours and 59 minutes”. “It is a challenge that we launched on the market 3 years ago. We have created more products… We will continue our innovations”, he assured.

He solemnly made an undertaking to the FPPN authorities to settle the claims quickly. “It is a challenge that presents itself to us. We are not going to “spoil our name”. We will work and demonstrate that you can trust Ivorian companies,” he reassured.

3th insurance company in the CIMA zone market, the company has multiplied its revenue by 10 in 3 years, from 2.534 billion in 2019 to 28 billion by the end of September 2022.

In any case, Comptroller General Adama Ouattara, PCA of the FPPN, who received a tablet, said he was “very happy” after the signing of this agreement and informed Romuald Kouassi that he will be the first subscriber.

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