My Best Friend’s Exorcism a film to see on Amazon Prime from September 30, 2022

It’s already the last straight line before the month of September comes to an end. However, Amazon Prime Video does not intend to leave its subscribers without a last surprise to discover in its catalog. During the day of September 30, it will therefore be possible to watch the horror film “My Best Friend’s Exorcism”.

Credits: Amazon Prime Video

But what can this film be about? We tell you everything on the spot.

My Best Friend’s Exorcism

Air date: 09/30

Genres: Comedy, Horror

Original work: Grady Hendrix

Director: Damon Thomas

Synopsis: The year is 1988. Abby and Gretchen, two inseparable young girls, have been best friends since childhood. During an evening where everything went wrong without warning, Gretchen begins to act in a very strange way. This has the effect of worrying Abby who has not failed to notice this sudden change.

Her little finger tells her that her friend is surely under the control of an evil force. But in conscience and being able to do something about it, it’s a whole different story. In order to free her best friend from the grip of the demon who possesses her, Gretchen will be able to count on the help of unexpected allies. Will Gretchen be able to free Abby from the demon that has taken over her body?

The production team

  • Original work: Grady Hendrix
    Director: Damon Thomas
  • Producers: Christopher Landon, Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, Jennifer Semler
    Screenwriter: Jenna Lamia
  • Executive Producer: Michael Flynn
    Casting directors: Lindsay Graham, Mary Vernieu
  • Production companies: Gotham Group, Endeavor Content, Quirk
  • Simulcast/Streaming: Amazon Prime Video

The distribution

  • Elsie Fisher – Abby
  • Amiah Miller – Gretchen
  • Chris Lowell – Christian Lemon
  • Cathy Ang – Glee Tanaka
  • Erin Ownbey – Lemon Brother’s Mom
  • Michael Wayne Foster – Micah Lemon
  • Cynthia Evans – Grace Lang
  • Ashley LeConte Campbell – Sister Kathleen
  • Nathan Anderson – Pony Lang
  • Racher Leah Cohen – Mrs. Rivers
  • Rachel Ogechi Kanu – Margaret Chisolm


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