Netflix, Disney+, Amazon, Apple TV+: should the survival of streaming go through advertising?

For several months, the tension has been palpable on the side of streaming services! Indeed, after the containment boom, users went back to their business and looked at their small screen less. In addition the economic context (pandemic that never ends, war in Ukraine, inflation and household budget restrictions) does not really encourage consumption and the competition is harsh in the segment, especially with the arrival of certain heavyweights (with big ears). So much so that several major players are led to see again their strategy.

This year, Netflix accused a first historic loss of subscribers and leading it to change its business model by adding a cheaper formula, but funded by advertising (and also a whole system of sanctions to hunt down the shared accounts responsible for a certain shortfall). Remember that he had always forbidden himself to do so…

On his side, Mickey unveiled its exceptional quarterly results this week, with a total number of 221 million subscribers on its three platforms (Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+). Disney+ thus dethrones Netflix in overall number of subscribers, even if the latter remains ahead when counting the different platforms individually. Netflix has 220.7 million subscribers, while Disney+ only has 152.1 million worldwide.

Nevertheless, Disney seems to be carried away by the wave of price increases that is raging everywhere. The big-eared firm has just announced an increase in its prices in the USA (for the moment nothing in France, but the subscription had already increased last summer). She will present on December 8, a new ad-supported offer in the United Statesin order to give more consumer choice.

According to The Wall Street Journalthe Disney+ entry offer will remain at $7.99, but with nine to twelve spots per hour, for about four minutes of advertising per hour. The ad-free version will be $3 more.

Amazon Prime Video seems to have the support of its parent companywhich nevertheless increased the prices ofAmazonPrime (which gives access to the streaming service). The note is also rather salty in France, with an increase of 42.5%! No advertising but the subscription thus goes from 49 to 69.90 euros from September 15, 2022.

On the side of Apple TV+, the sun always seems to shine. It must be said that the service benefits from the financial support of Cupertino, which preferred bet on quality rather than quantity and which does not seek to make big profits for the moment. In addition to its Podcast strategy, the Californian firm has just offered itself some choice content, particularly in terms of documentaries (a genre in which it excels) with a series on Steve Martin.

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