New original series and seasons from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Apple TV+, in the US in January 2023

Here are the next releases of Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Netflix productions for this month of January 2023 in the US.

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January 27: Shrinks

A 10-part comedy about a grieving therapist who begins to break the rules and tell his clients exactly what he’s thinking. Unaware of his training and ethics, he finds himself making huge and tumultuous changes in people’s lives…including his own.
It will be with Harrison Ford, Jason Segal, Christa Miller, Jessica Williams…

January 4:

Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Season 2

January 4:

Magic Of Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Season 2

Magic Of Disney's Animal Kingdom – Season 2

This 10-episode docu-series showcases the wide variety of animals Disney cares for around the clock, from pulling a big tooth to Lil Joe the manatee; organize a birthday party for the Galápagos tortoises; release sea turtles into the wild after rehabilitation; hatch baby flamingos and more…

January 13:

Hunters (Season 2)

1st of January:

The Housekeeper’s Way (Season 2)

A second season of The Way of the Househusband anime series will be released in January 2023.

January 5:

Woman of the Dead

January 6:

The light blue eye

January 11:

Noise (film)

The search for her missing daughter leads a mother to a support network where she bonds with other women whose lives have been destroyed by violence. A Mexican film with Julieta Egurrola, Teresa Ruiz and Kenya Cuevas.

January 13:

Sky Rojo (Season 3)

January 19:

The 90s show

January 20:

Represent/In Place (Season 1)

January 20:

Bling Empire: New York (Season 1)

January 25:

Against the Ropes / Contra las cuerdas

January 27:

Kings of Jo’Burg (Season 2)

January 27:

Lockwood & Co.


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