New success for SpaceX, new launch on Sunday

By Fredric SCHMITT, the

SpaceXElon Musk’s space company is launching satellites at a breakneck pace.

SpaceX has just launched the two new satellites O3b mPower of HIS. A successful mission.

The O3b mPOWER communications system consists of 11 high-throughput, low-latency satellites and an automated, intelligently operated ground infrastructure. Built by Boeing, each satellite will generate thousands of dynamic beams and will be able to provide connectivity services ranging from 50 Mbit/s to several gigabits per second to the telecommunications, maritime, aviation and energy sectors, as well as to governments and institutions worldwide. Worldwide. The commissioning of the O3b mPower constellation is planned for 2023.

SpaceX continues tomorrow with a low orbit of about fifty satellites star link what’s more. This will bring the total number of Starlink satellites launched to more than 3,600 with 2,942 in operation.

Yesterday, SpaceX had successfully launched the earth observation satellite SWOT.

Note that in a matter of days, SpaceX launched several satellites ahead of its competitors OneWeb and SEE O3b!

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