News from 08.00 – Great Britain: Faced with rising prices, the British are depriving themselves of food

She stayed only 45 days, and not one more, at 10 Downing Street. Liz Truss has given her resignation Thursday 20 October. Very unpopular after the government’s budget announcements, the now former British Prime Minister ended up being swept away by a deep crisis of confidence. The day after the announcement of his departure, the campaign to succeed him began.

Among the names mentioned, his predecessor, Boris Johnson. The former prime minister would thus attempt a major comeback, just three months after being pushed out of his own camp. Beyond the political aspect, there is still a country in crisis, with more than 14% inflation and residents forced to deprive themselves of food to pay the bills.

On the way to the supermarket, Mike keeps his bag wide open and his eye sharp for promotions. “I’m always looking for good deals,” he explains, “I see that the coffee is cheaper, so I take more packets”. Faced with the prices on the shelves,”there are some things I don’t eat anymore because it’s too expensivelike lamb” for example.

“I don’t buy as much food as I used to”

In order to find good deals, some are ready to shop several times. At the exit of a store, a pensioner holds a small shopping bag. In his usual supermarket, prices “have gone up by 15%”, he says. He then cheats on her because by going elsewhere “we manage to keep costs reasonable”. And to keep an affordable receipt, the man buys a lot of frozen food or cans of mackerel.

But shopping around takes time, and some don’t, like Pamela. On the shelves, “I choose the cheapest product, even if it’s not the healthiest,” she explains. As electricity is cheaper than gas, she makes “large portions for the whole week, which I then heat up in the microwave”. Result, “I don’t buy as much food as I used to“, she admits.

In this situation, some go as far as reducing portions or even skipping meals. For many, at least, the choice will be this winter eat enough to eat or keep warm.

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