News from 12.30 – Migrants: immersion in the heart of the work of the association “Utopia”

The situation for the migrants from Ocean Viking, gathered in the Mediterranean, has caused a lot of talk in recent days. On other coasts, the authorities want to tighten controls. On those of the channel, the France and Great Britain have signed a new cooperation agreement to combat illegal immigration. The British will put 72 million euros on the table for the French to strengthen control, 350 police and gendarmes will thus come to support.

On the Channel Coast, migrants are often left to fend for themselves. When the crossing fails, the volunteers will leave association “Utopia”. has been on the way since At the entrance to Boulogne (Pas-de-Calais) they meet a group of Sudanese in survival blankets, supported by firefighters. Their boat capsized.

“Everyone is completely soaked,” explains Thomas Chambon, coordinator of the association. These exiles receive dry clothes, tea, food or even water so they can continue their journey.

Earlier in the night, other migrants are on the roads in Dunkirk. Some still have their life jackets on. A family with a 3-year-old child is helped by volunteers who try to find a solution. “They haven’t eaten for two days. They’re trying to go back to the camp because they couldn’t leave,” says Thomas Chambon. These exiles, driven back into the cold, will still try the passage again as soon as the conditions are met.

That law enforcement was seen at Oye-Plage (Pas-de-Calais), near Dunkirk. Gendarmes managed to confiscate an inflatable boat. Sometimes they destroy these vehicles to prevent departure. And the situation is often tense with associations. For several months, police patrols have been increasing. But he is not possible to be present on the 100 kilometer long stretch of coast.

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Justice – The trial against the “cutters” opens on Monday 14 November at the Seine-Maritime in Rouen. Two women are suspected of killing and then dismembering the body of Sliman Amara, one of their companions.

Fuel – From Wednesday 16 November, the government discount drops from 30 to 10 centimes per litre. And at the same time, the reduction in Total stations will fall from 20 to 10 øre.

french team – Insufficiently recovered from his Achilles tendon injury, Presnel Kimpembe is lost to the World Cup in Qatar. The PSG defender is replaced by Monegasque Alex Disasi.

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