Northern Ireland fears a return to violence

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Fears of a return to violence are growing in Northern Ireland, almost 25 years after the peace deal that ended 30 years of civil war. In recent weeks there have been several attacks, and the police fear more in the coming weeks. Behind these operations would hide republicans from several dissident groups, opponents of the maintenance of Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom, Laura Taouchanov.

This is a new record. More than 40,000 people have crossed the Channel to arrive on English soil since the start of the year. But the processing of asylum applications has slowed down in the UK. As of June, more than 122,000 files were still pending. The refugees are therefore being accommodated in hotels paid for by the state, which would cost taxpayers £6 million every day, according to the BBC. This accommodation system is therefore controversial in England and even more so when the hotels are located in the city center, as is the case in Ipswich, a city of 140,000 inhabitants in the Suffolk region in the east of the country. The report of Marie Billon.

The Czech Republic hosts the largest number of Ukrainian refugees compared to its 10.5 million inhabitants. Accommodation capacity is therefore struggling to keep up, the city of Prague is asking for state aid. The details with Alexis Rosenzweig in Prague.

The story in a nutshell : Voïenkor or the new Russian war correspondents in Ukraine with Leo Vidal Giraud.

Portrait of the German feminist Alice Schwarzer, who celebrates her 80th birthday on December 3, 2022. Pascal Thibault met her for us.


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